February 27th, 2012

Help Fund the Chronic Argonauts Android App and Earn a Nice Profit

New Baby Productions has partnered with appbackr to go to the crowd to help fund the development of the Android tablet version of THE CHRONIC ARGONAUTS! Join us, and earn a very nice return on your investment - over 50%!!!

In what is one of the more unique and enticing crowdsourcing platforms I’ve come across, appbackr allows ‘Backrs‘ to ‘purchase’ apps at a wholesale price, giving developers immediate funding to finish their app. When the purchased copies are downloaded in retail app stores, the developer receives an additional payment and the Backrs profit. Their economics diagram helps explain this process:

With THE CHRONIC ARGONAUTS app, Backrs purchase the apps at the wholesale price of $0.35 each. When the apps are purchased in the Android Marketplace (or other digital marketplace), those Backrs will be paid back at a rate of $0.54 for each app. That’s a 54% profit!

As an aded bonus… Anyone poviding at least $150 in funding will receive a free print copy of the graphic novel!

If anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or the fine folks over at appbackr.

Eric Mullarky
New Baby Productions

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