January 4th, 2013

Thoughts are with Peter David & Family

As many of you know, prolific sci-fi and comic book writer, Peter David suffered a stroke last week while on a holiday vacation with his family. Let’s hope for a speedy and successful recovery.

Here is a post from Peter’s web site about how you can help:

I am sure that the industry is full of stories about Mr. David but I would like to share one of my own…

Back in 2008, when New Baby Productions was just barely in existence, I was exhibiting at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto with the first couple of issues of Elemental Fources. As was our custom at the time, I was joined by my wife and our 4-month old daughter, Alaena (now 4 years old). Alaena never cried and slept all the time, so it never became an issue to have her join us on these conventions. We have always been very cognizant of others around us (more than most parents that we have encountered), and my wife was ready to leave with Alaena at any point if she should start causing too much noise. Despite that, most other creators kind of always gave us the evil-eye when they would finally notice the baby behind the table.

On one trip back from the bathroom to change Alaena’s diaper, my wife passed by Peter David’s table. He and his wife noticed the baby and immediately called my wife over. Mr. David put down his pen, stopping in the middle of autographing comics for another fan, and asked if he could hold Alaena. My wife obliged… even though she had no clue who he was! Normally I would read her the riot act for letting a stranger hold our child, but I was very cool with this.

For the rest of the convention, Mr. and Mrs. David always said ‘hi’ when we would pass by. He’s a class act!

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